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President Uhuru blames developed countries for Covid-19 vaccines segregation.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has criticized developed countries for developing COVID-19 vaccines, which he calls concentrating the doses needed to harm other countries.

The head of state called the situation a “racist vaccine”, noting that while some African countries have successfully vaccinated less than 5% of their population by one measure, other countries have already regulated both doses and now give their citizens a third. one additional dose.

“It’s racially discriminatory. How can you explain it when you have developed countries? Owning vaccines and factories, collecting vaccines… give their people not only two injections but also a third supplement. And yet most of our countries are less than 5% who have received not even a single dose, ”said Kenyatta.

“You can call anything you want, but it basically restricts access to billions of people. You could call it isolation, racism, but in the end it means denying access. “

President Kenyatta was speaking on JKL’s Citizen TV in New York City, where he chaired a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on diversity, government building and peace.


He said that despite many resources from African countries buying COVID vaccines at low prices, access to vaccines remained difficult.

“This tells us that in the same way that we came together to benefit from the purchase, we must come together to start vaccinating our winning people so that we do not rely on others to give it to us,” Kenyatta said.

In the interview, President Kenyatta also presented his plan for a meeting with US President Joe Biden.

He said the summit provided an opportunity to re-establish closer ties between Kenya and the United States, in order to strengthen economic and security cooperation.

“And also to see how we can strengthen our trade and investment relations for the benefit of both sides of our two nations. So these are just a few of the issues that I hope to continue to explore with President Biden, as we did with previous administrations, “he said.

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