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President Uhuru donates 2M to Vioja Mahakamani actor Gibson Gathu hospital bill

Favorite fans Gibson Gathu Mbugua is seeking funding to help him undergo kidney transplant next month in Eldoret.

Mbugua was a prosecutor in Vioja Court, a program on the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) for more than two decades now.

Popularly known as the prosecutor, Mbugua last week called on Kenyans to help raise funds for his July scheduled operation at Mediheal centers in Eldoret.

During a symposium in Nairobi, it was revealed that the veteran actress had received a donation of 2 million shillings from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“President Kenyatta who is a great friend sent his personal gift of 2 million shillings. As a family and committee, we thank him for his support,” he told the Nation.

The target was 6 million shillings. He also noted that dialysis had cost him dearly, financially, even though he had been insured.

“Dialysis is expensive. Your insurance expires and you start using your fund. You know, insurance is limited. Every day when you visit dialysis it starts at Sh10,000 and you have to go three times a week, ”he said.

He added: “And they do not pay a third. So that forced me to put it in my pockets and that ended up costing the family money. So, I saw myself being transplanted, my life would return to normal and I would do my job.

A large portion of the money, he said, will go to his postoperative care.

“Actually, the cost of surgery is not very expensive. The only cost is post-surgery care because these drugs are very expensive,” he said.

“Antidepressants are very expensive, and there is no need for transplants until I get the drugs that I will be using for the rest of my life, which is why we need 6 million shillings for future care.

Mbugua has been battling diabetes for some time but suffered from kidney failure in 2020.

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