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President Uhuru rejects ICJ ruling on Maritime border dispute, promises to fight to get the Maritime back.

President Uhuru Kenyatta issued a statement on the ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the maritime border dispute between Kenya and Somalia.

In a four-page statement issued on Tuesday evening, President Kenyatta criticized the decision, saying that Kenya was totally rejecting it and would not recognize the court results.

“From the outset, Kenya wishes to show its complete disregard for the decision. The decision is based on the permanence of access to the ICJ’s authority and raises a fundamental question of respect for sovereignty and international sanctions,” he said. Kenyatta.

“International courts have jurisdiction only at the level of government approval.

The head of state added that the decision of the World Court would disrupt relations between Kenya and Somalia.


“This decision is, in this case, a game of zero, which will disrupt relations between the two countries. It will also change the social, political and economic benefits; and may increase peace and security in the fragile Horn of Africa region,” it said. the statement.

Kenyatta accused the tribunal of not allowing the use, let alone fatigue, of regional dispute resolution mechanisms, “despite the existence of a strong African Union legal framework on border issues and conflict resolution”.

He said Kenya would pursue the issue through African Union institutions such as the African Union Border Plan and its peace and security architecture, as well as other bilateral agreements.

President Kenyatta insists he will honor his oath to protect the country’s integrity.

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