Presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah promises to legalize weed if elected as fifth president of Kenya.

Presidential candidates and University of Nairobi don George Wajackoya have vowed to legalize cannabis if Kenyans elect him as the next President of the Republic of Kenya in the next general election in August.

Speaking, he said Keenya’s economy would improve if cannabis cultivation was legalized in the country. He added that cannabis cultivation will also increase employment opportunities for many young people who are facing unemployment.

George Wajackoyah image

The Roots Party leader also added that the main problem at the moment is that the country has identified cannabis as something that is dangerous to society. But if you go to some countries like Denmark where they are used for medical purposes.

The beauty also criticized leaders who spoke ill of cannabis saying many of them were stealing public money while benefiting the country’s poor.

Don also revealed that he owned a large farm in Texas, USA, where he was seeking to expand his cannabis cultivation on a large scale. He added that he wanted to be the first president in Africa to legalize the sacred plant.

Currently, cannabis cultivation in Kenya is illegal. Anyone found will be arrested by the police and charged in court.

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