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Prezzo reveals why he divorced 2nd wife Isabelle

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Kenyan rapper Prezzo has uncovered that he separated from his second spouse Isabelle because of her costly way of life.

Talking in a meeting with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Prezzo (genuine name Jackson Ngechu) expressed that in spite of the way that he is the person who acquainted Isabelle with the better things throughout everyday life and a lifestyle choice enormous, she went overboard.

“Sina first woman, brother. Contract iliexpire. Unajua hawa mama lady pia ni gharama, basically wacha gharama nimesema iende,” said Prezzo.

Oneself broadcasted ruler of bling proceeded to unveil that he unloaded his ex a couple of days before Valentine’s Day to stay away from superfluous spending. Among the things he referenced he lamented was how much his wedding to the chocolate-cleaned woman cost, saying it gathered together to Sh4.6 million.

A file image of Rapper Prezzo
A file image of Rapper Prezzo

“Unajua maisha yangu sio ya kawaida. Nilipiga hesabu nikasema, alright mbona hawa wasichana wote nimekuwa nao… harusi yangu ilikuwa Sh4.6 million, kwa siku moja nikaridhisha watu,” he added.

It was just a year prior when Isabella vowed to cherish Prezzo perpetually in a genuine post on her Instagram.

“Talk it… Believe it… Receive it… I’m substantially more “me” when am with you, regardless of the apprehension and vulnerability, I believe that you should realize that I love you, am here, and will own all of it for however long you’re close by… My perfect partner, my hubby, My request accomplice, and Father to our children. Gratitude for holding my hand Mtu Wangu,” her post read.

Prezzo told Ankali Ray during the new meeting that he is currently searching for a lady who will grasp him.

The rapper separated from his most memorable spouse Daisy back in 2013. The rapper was supposed to have proposed to his then-sweetheart socialite Mitchelle Oyola in 2016, bits of gossip which he rubbished.

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