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Prices of Eliud Kipchoge’s signature Nike shoes.

Eluid Kipchoge is a Kenyan long-distance runner, 2016 and 2022 Olympic champion, world record holder in the Berlin Olympic marathon and father of three beautiful children.
Apart from being an athlete, he is also known for his Tecno Phantom X2 advertisement.

The father of three recently launched his sports shoes known as Umoja Nike. The shoe is partnered with Nike stores and its logo is even integrated into the shoe.

Not only did he launch his new shoes, but he also launched Nike Windrunner Jacket for KSh 19,000, Nike Rise 365 for KSh 5.7K, Nike Stride 7 inch Shorts for KSh 10.1K and Nike Dri – FIT goes for KSh5. 7K.

The shoe and clothing designs feature some of the athlete’s catchphrases such as “No human is limited” and “12:52:79,” one of his records from 2003, when he won his first athletic competition.

Photo file of the shoes

Besides his words, they also have his official signature on one side of the shoe.

Below are some facts about Eluid Kipchoge’s Nike shoes, EK Umoja.

1) They have 3 carbon fiber plates built in, which is why they feel taller than most shoes and help with forward speed.

2) It can be used as a cheat code for athletes.

3) It has special airpods that reduce the energy used by the wearer.

4) It is light and inflatable.

5) Some have spikes to reduce friction.

6) The colors of the shoes are inspired by the Kenyan athletics outfit he wore when he received his first gold medal.

7) The shoes have the EK logo and carry his famous words “No human is limited” and “Let’s pretend we are in the garden, let’s focus on the flowers and not the weeds.”

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