Probox driver involved in Thika road scare arrested and pleads guilty

The driver, who was caught on video endangering his girlfriend’s life, has been charged and fined 70,000 shillings.

In a statement on the matter, which has been of public interest, the National Police Service said James Maina Kibe, the owner of the Toyota Probox, had admitted the allegations.

The driver of the car was arraigned in Nairobi High Court on Monday.

His driver’s license has also been suspended with police warning drivers against reckless behavior that puts passengers and other road users at greater risk.

Police said motorists should be vigilant, responsible and respect road safety at all times.

“The National Police Service would like to thank the public for providing information that led to the arrest of the suspect,” the NPS said.

The video caught a woman screaming helplessly inside the Probox KBJ 835Z registration number that was speeding along Thika Road.

In the video, which was circulated on social media, the unidentified woman was allegedly taken from Kenyatta University and placed on Probox before she started running fast.

Efforts to stop the car were unsuccessful as the driver accelerated.

But in a statement on Monday, police said the woman had not been abducted.

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