Prophet Carmel shares their love story , says it was hard to get Rev Lucy Natasha.

Prophet Stanley Carmel has revealed that he came across a video of Lucy Natasha in 2017, and was impressed by her sermons.

“Tasha, I love you and I am fascinated by your uniqueness and your heart of compassion is the crown of your beauty, give me the honor to lead you …” he said.

Lucy Natasha’s fiancée, Prophet Stanley Carmel, entertains guests at their engagement party as he stood to address them.

In their beautiful Indian dress event / black eagle engagement event, dressed in a white suit, Carmel shared their amazing love story.

The man of God continued,

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is the one I love the most. In 2017, I was invited to preach about royal weddings at the director’s house. After preaching, his wife came to me.

Clip and told me that she had heard the same sermon (royal wedding) from a preacher in Kenya last night.

Carmel said after watching Natasha’s video she felt something in his body… “I said I had to comment, and you know what, I went into her DM. It was not easy, but eventually, after many trials, we met in the kingdom. missions in the United States, and some are history, “he said.

The man who had the cloth then invited his queen to stand and he poured the water of love on her.

“Tasha, I love you and love your uniqueness and a heart of compassion is the crown of your beauty. Give me the honor to lead and build Christ centered marriage. I know our future will be wonderful, we will win “I love you so much in my heart,” he said.

After these sweet words, she knelt down and asked Natasha to marry her, and she agreed.

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