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Prosecution wants Paul Mackenzie detained for 90 more days.

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The prosecution is now seeking to detain Good News International Church preacher Paul Mackenzie for 90 days pending the completion of the investigation into Shakahola’s murder.

Mackenzie and his six aides were brought before Magistrate Yusuf Shikada at the Shanzu Magistrate’s Court in Mombasa on Friday.

In their request, the prosecution mentioned various reasons for wanting him to remain in custody including; interference with witnesses, continuation of religious practices and group justice.

“He spent only 14 days in police custody. The accused can be detained by the police for up to 360 days, if there is an ongoing investigation,” the court said.

Paul Mackenzie

The prosecution went on to say that during Mackenzie’s first 30 days in custody, the investigative team will submit a report detailing the progress of their investigation into Shakahola’s murder.

Later, the court would decide whether to keep Mackenzie in custody or grant him bail.

“The nature of the investigation continues to evolve. We need DNA tests, fingerprints to find out their real identity and if some of the exhumed bodies could be family members. The victims of the cult need time to recover because their health is not good after many days of fasting . They will have to be questioned,” the prosecutor said.

Meanwhile, Pastor Ezekiel Odero, who is alleged to be Mackenzie’s accomplice in Shakahola’s murder, was released on Thursday on KSh1.5 million cash bond or KSh3 million surety.

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