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Protest in USA after another black man shot dead by police.

Following brutal killing of a black American revealed as Daunte Wright by the US police , protest have ensued near Country’s city Minneapolis, causing tension, even the incident coincide with the ongoing trial George Floyd [Another black american] killed last year by police.

According to the BBC News official twitter handle, the deceased who was 20years old is said to have violated the traffic rules and was pulled out by the police, before it was found out that the youth had an outstanding arrest warrant.

After his pull out, the deceased is said to have forced his way back to his vehicle before driving away. This in turn led to one of the police traffics police shooting the driver who then lost control, before crashing.

The Minnesota Governor while narrating the ordeal reveal that he was closely monitoring the situation as he prayed for the deceased family.

Hundreds of protesters gathered to protest against the brutal killing, in an incident that led to the crowd throwing stones to the police cars, pelting and jumping on them at the same . This led to the deployment of Riot police who fired teargas to disperse the angry crowd.

The Mayor for Brooklyn , Mike Eliot described the shooting as tragic, while urging protesters to be peaceful during the entire protest period, adding that it’s only through peaceful protest that they wouldn’t be subjected to catastrophic force.

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