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Puzzle as nine inmates escape from Thika Police station

Uncertainty continues as to how nine robbery suspects escaped from the Thika police station the day before they were brought to the same court in Thika.
Constable Amos Muteti, who was leading the troops when the suspects escaped from a legal checkpoint, told detectives that he had been summoned by one of the accused to take him to respond to a natural call.

‘It was reported this summer at 10:00 pm by 75631 Pc Amos Muteti who was a cell guard that day was called by the accused who was in the cell to take him to the toilet. He alleges that when he opened the door he was kicked and punched by nine defendants. They forcibly took the keys to the main cell door from him and opened it and escaped through the roof and jumped into the police barracks, ”a police report said.

Already Mr. Muteti has been arrested to assist in the investigation.

Nine robbery suspects have been transferred from GK Industrial Zone Prison to Thika Police Station awaiting trial in Thika Magistrate’s Court today.

They include Livingstone Mwangi Njau, Francis Mwangi Matheri, Allan Njogu Mugai, Charles Nyaga Mitaru, John Mbugua Murege, Eric Ngigi Musige, Arthur Ndugu Kavemba, Bunton Kaguku Mbugua aka Bunju and Joseph Githu Nyanguthii.

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