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Man alleges R Kelly promised career boost for sex.

R. Kelly asked the young man “what was he willing to do about music” before sexually abusing him, according to the testimony of the first person to report the singer accused of sexual crimes.
In an explosive testimony Monday, the 32-year-old now said he had joined Kelly’s aides and admitted the offense in 2021 to try to bribe a woman who could testify against the musician.
But more than a decade earlier, Louis – using a pseudonym – said he first met Kelly in 2006, when he was 17 years old and worked nights at McDonald’s in downtown Chicago.
He told the Brooklyn Federal Court that Kelly had given him his phone number.
After she and her parents attended a party at Kelly’s home, the singer told her “maybe it would be better if I came to the party alone”, and said she could perform in her studio and maybe get advice from the industry.

R Kelly

Invited under the guise of working on his music, Louis said at one point that he met Kelly at his home and they went to an isolated garage, which had a boxing ring and gym.
“He asked me what I was ready to do with the music,” the witness said, explaining to the singer asking if he had a “dream” before giving him a blow.
Louis said Kelly told him to “put this between me and him” by saying “we are family now, we are brothers”.
He said Kelly asked Louis to call him “dad” – as several women said the singer claimed – and that he would shoot their movies regularly.
Louis was testifying on Monday as part of a co-operation agreement he concluded in February 2021, under which he hopes to avoid imprisonment for up to 15 years.
He had given money to a prospective witness against Kelly, who was arrested in 2019, hoping the man would “not cooperate” with federal prosecutors.
Louis said he was concerned that an unidentified witness might have sex tapes of him and Kelly.
It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post office.
Prosecutors presented shocking testimony from prosecutors drawing a picture of more than two decades of sexual, emotional and emotional abuse by Kelly.
“Do you want to win money? How R Kelly’s manager bribed a government official
Demetrius Smith said he paid $ 500 (Ksh50,000) for an ID used by R Kelly, then 27, to marry Aaliyah, who was under age.

The 54-year-old denies all charges and faces between 10 years and life imprisonment if he is found guilty of all offenses.
Kelly remained stoic in the whole process, but on Monday she appeared restless, rubbing her forehead, holding her hands on her chin and playing with her mask.
Louis recalled a period of non-consensual sex involving him and somebody else , claiming that Kelly “snapped her fingers” before “a lass from a prize ring .”
“She went to him” before having oral sex with Kelly and Louis, the court said.
“It was uncomfortable,” said Louis, referring to another case where he died after drinking at a party and woke up alone with the defendants, not knowing if they were in a romantic relationship.
Louis is unknown in the charges against Kelly, who accuses him of fraud, child sexual exploitation, kidnapping, corruption and forced labor between 1994 and 2018.
The clever calculation allows prosecutors to present evidence of possible crimes outside the scope of prosecution, even if it exceeds the law of limitations.
Also on Monday, a woman identified as Addie, who is not among the suspects in the case, said Kelly raped her in front of a friend behind the stage at a 1994 concert at the age of 17.
“I was completely shocked,” he said. “I found it empty.”
He said he was afraid to go to the police: “I did not know even if they would believe,” he said, adding that “I did not want to be abused by the victim” or “listed” industry.
The trial, which is now in its third week, is expected to take at least a month.

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