R Kelly was found guilty and faces life in prison.

Mr. Kelly’s verdict marked the rapid collapse of a man who at one time was one of the biggest names in R&B music. It came after the first trial of the Me Too era in which most of the victims were black women.


Main updates:
R. Kelly asked his victims to write letters rescuing him. Instead, they helped to convict him.
The article “Living R. Kelly” sparked a lawsuit against the singer.
R. Kelly is found guilty of all offenses after being charged with harassment for decades.

The singer has been convicted of government robbery and sex trafficking for decades employing underage women and girls for sexual purposes. Once a big name in popular music, he could face decades in prison.
“Today’s guilty verdict portrays R. Kelly as a pastor who has used his fame and fortune to kidnap young, helpless and voiceless.” “Mr Kelly is a predator. Despite many reports of his brutal abuse over the years, Mr Kelly’s threats to his accusers have kept him safe from prosecution.” Kelly, after caring for, isolating and intimidating the victims of her children, recorded that they were sexually abused and abused by her. He made these videos and made them, not only for his own sexual satisfaction, but in other cases in the process. the purpose of using these videos to silence and threaten its victims to expose them publicly. if these tapes ever reveal what he did for them. “” Of course, Mr. Kelly is disappointed. He was not expecting this decision because according to the evidence, why should he expect this decision? I’m sure – I’m sure we’ll appeal.

The singer has been convicted of government robbery and sex trafficking for decades employing underage women and girls for sexual purposes. Once one of the most popular music names, he could face up to decades in prison. Loans … Tannen Loans
R. Kelly’s document on all nine charges against him was a pivotal moment in the Me Too movement for black women and for the music industry, bringing with it the sense that, finally, justice had been served.

But Monday’s decision also raised an obvious question: Women said the singer’s abuse began in the early 1990s – why did it take the singer three decades to get a criminal sentence?

Here are some possible answers:

The artist had a large network of facilitators around him, said federal prosecutors, from his close associates and staff to many employees in the music industry who were aware of his concerns but were not interrupted.

The government has attracted what has been described as a “housing factory” that has silenced its prosecutors, giving evidence of Mr Kelly’s pay to women who have filed charges rather than their silence.

And when that wasn’t enough, Mr. Kelly “used his soldiers to intimidate and retaliate,” women harassing women with their nude photos or embarrassing news, prosecutor Elizabeth said. Geddes, closing the argument.

Federal prosecutors also accused Mr Kelly of paying witnesses not to cooperate with the authorities during his trial and sentencing in 2008. They said the singer had allowed other witnesses to know that they could ‘physically be harmed’ if it continued.

Other cultural factors can also help Mr. Kelly avoid the effects of his behavior.

Legal experts and people studying sexual harassment have also suggested that the race for many of Mr Kelly’s suspects could play a role. Experts say black women have historically been more likely than white women to have their suspicions of sexual misconduct feared or ignored.

“The reality is that our society does not consider black women and girls to be trusted,” said Kenyette Barnes, co-founder of the #MuteRKelly campaign. “We think black 15-year-old black girls have the cognitive ability to deceive an adult male.”

And other heroes have admitted that the prosecution’s race shaped their views in Lord Kelly’s case.

“I didn’t like the plaintiffs’ stories because they were black women, ”she said

R. Kelly is expected to be sentenced at 10 a.m. on May 4 by the same federal judge who presided over his fraud and sex trafficking case in Brooklyn. Mr Kelly, 54, faces up to 10 years in prison.

The following months will be busy. In the next few weeks, Kelly’s lawyers may file arguments to overturn the decision. Mr Kelly is also facing charges in two other states, as well as charges of child pornography and bans in Chicago. This case has been adjourned several times and no new date has been set. A court hearing on the case has been set for October 20.


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