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Rachael Ruto video of performing miracles goes viral

The wife of Vice President William Ruto, Rachel Ruto, has revealed details of how the sewage from the well in Karen’s home was miraculously purified.

Speaking at a session at the residence on Friday, May 6, Rachel Ruto revealed that they had dug a well and when the water was brought to the laboratory experts warned them it was not suitable for human use.

She explained that the water was black which indicated the presence of impurities. The vice president, he says, bought expensive water purification equipment, but the water remained untouched. She recalled the Bible passage about the prophet Elisha about turning wastewater into water for human consumption.

“In 2018 I remembered our water here in Karen, I know there are many people we live in Karen and at least for us when we live we dug a well in 2003 and when the water was taken for laboratory tests experts told us. “We could not drink it until it was cleaned, so my husband, the vice president, went on a trip and bought expensive cleaning machines,” she said.

“We started cleaning the water every time before we drank it or before we used it, and I was amazed because you see dirt. It was very dirty and we kept changing the filter.”

Rachel’s mother said that her strong faith in Christ repeatedly reminded her of the prophet Elisha’s frequent visit to the city of Jericho about the poor condition of the city.

“I kept wondering and saying, ‘Suppose I go and pray for this water. Is it possible that he is cleansed? That is what I was telling myself. This was in 2003,” he added.

Mama Rachel said the caretaker of their house was also confused by the condition of the water as it was not safe to drink and her consciousness continued to bother her to pray like the Prophet Elisha.

He started the fasting season and prayed and after his meetings he went to the kitchen, took a bowl of water and put salt in it. He went to the well and prayed for his prayer and miraculously the water changed.

“I went and ordered Elisha’s words, I went and said this water will not be polluted again and I sprinkled the salt water on the edge of the well, it was raining, I ran quickly and returned home,” Rachel’s mother recounted. .

“I got home on Friday and went to the other side of the house because I had guests, when I arrived I saw the water looked different, I waited for the guests to leave and asked my boyfriend Shadrack what had happened. water. “

“He told me he didn’t know what happened but the water was now clean,” she recalled.

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