“My bae doesn’t like publicity,” Rachael Shebesh says.

Like the Kikuyu, sometimes we do not know how to tell the difference between Luhyas, Kisii and Luhyas. For a very long time they thought my husband was Mjaluo. “- Racheal Shebesh

Racheal Wambui Shebesh said her husband Frank Shebesh was the best gift she could ask for, he was the man of her youth.

Coming from a well-known family, Shebesh says her husband does not like advertising.

Shebesh’s father was mayor, so he is accustomed to fame, fortune and the upcoming trampling, but her husband prefers to stay behind the scenes.

Speaking in an interview with Churchill, a mother of three shared:

“he is very special and very humble.

he is Luhya from Kakamega, he does not like pressure, he does not like to be famous.

He even uses buses with Matatus. Sometimes it even goes to Kakamega by bus. It’s like others are taking buses why not me?

We love Him because He puts us on earth. “

Shebesh says marrying a man from a different tribe would be rejected, but her family was very supportive.


“Like the Kikuyu, sometimes we do not know how to distinguish Luhyas, Kisii and Luos.

For a very long time, they thought my husband was Mjaluo.

For a while, they did not know my husband was a Luhya. Also, the fact that I was getting married outside of my tribe did not affect my parents. “

Shebesh added that her children could not speak their mother tongue (Kikuyu and Luhya) saying they were Kenyans.

You are married to a man / woman from a different tribe and how your family reacted.


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