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Raila accuses Ruto of misleading Kenyans on tax revenues.

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Azimio leader Raila Odonga accused President William Ruto of misleading Kenyans of political questions arising from bad advice outside the public service.

In light of the debate on tax evasion associated with former presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Me, Raila said that the information was incorrect and misleading.

“Bad advice by Kenyan officials first to be publicly do not come out of public servants. Instead, this focuses on the strengthening of Mafia criminal networks within the government,” he said.

Last week, the debate emerged online because the former presidents had the rules on foot by rescuing them to pay the hereditary tariffs while all other Kenyans were under the law.

According to CAP 483 of the Tax Act of Heritage 1963, the tariff known as the law of inheritance will be collected and paid for all goods that the deceased was at the time of his death. The man had a thoughtful passion for the death of the deceased.

Citing Parliament Hans, the ODM chief said that even if the law was absent, it was dismissed in 1982 and does not work anymore.

“The high level of government seems to rely on bad advice from employees who are not able or bad and hence a very bad decision,” he said.

Raila said that because of the “bad decision” of the government, Kenyans have faced various challenges such as increased tariffs, ending subsidies on electricity, education and food, as well as the transfer of medical vaccines to certain State Fund officials National public insurance for private insurance companies.

The head of the resolution explained that in 1969, CAP 483 of the Heritage Tax Act of 1963 was changed to grant an amnesty of Elder Jomo Kenyatta to be submitted to the successor. In 1981, other amendments were made to pardon the president for tax payments.

Shortly after the adoption of amendments from taxation from taxes, Parliament abolished the law as a whole through the 1982 law on the rights of inheritance (termination) which was confirmed by President Me on June 25, 1982, its date to begin June 28, 1982 .

Article 2 of the law provides that no inheritance rights will be recognized or paid for goods that pass the death of a dead person on January 1, 1982.

“The Hansard Parliament’s case shows that on June 9, 1982, the then chief, Joseph Kamere, explained that the abolition of the law on inheritance rights was proposed because it has been a huge burden for the deceased’s beneficiaries,” said Raila.

Kamere said that the law has been “a huge payment to the beneficiaries of the deceased’s ownership, some of whom had loans”.

According to Hansard, the repeal of this law received the support of the late Martin Shikuku, at the time the Minister of Land and Regulations, G G Kariuki. They said that the idea of money collection and the deceased went against the cultural principles and beliefs of the people.

Raila’s statement comes a few hours after the head of the National Assembly, Kimani Ichung’wa, said that the government had begun to teach the facts of identifying people and companies that had not had taxes since 2018.

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