Raila answer on whether he will be a one term president.

Raila Odinga raised the issue of the stability of his presidency on Wednesday, December 29, when he was declared the winner of the August 9, 2022 election.

Speaking in an interview with Citizen TV, Raila said he would not be opposed to the presidential term, but was not fully committed to making a firm commitment.

The ODM leader, who will turn 76 on January 7, said he rejected the idea that his age was the source.

“Well, then what?” Raila intervened which prompted Ombija to repeat the question, this time asking him if he would be president for a term.

“Why? Ask Biden (Joe Biden, President of the United States) this question, he is one year older than I am,” the former prime minister replied bluntly.

The African Union High Commissioner for Infrastructure Development also stated that he was awaiting approval from President Uhuru Kenyatta. He acknowledged that he would welcome the support of the head of state, but not out of approval.

“I would say I do not want his consent, I just want his vote, I do not want to be seen as a project, I want to prove myself Raila Odinga, but if he gives me his vote, I will do it. thank you very much, “revealed the ODM presidential candidate.

When asked if he would accept a co-candidate, Uhuru’s ally declined to comment, saying it was too early to negotiate with a co-candidate.

Odinga announced that he was in a very good position to lead the country, implying that Kenya needed an engineer who had trained him. He revealed that he would use his training to develop Kenya’s development projects in line with other nations.

“We need an engineer to allow the country to fly so that Kenya can pass and reach nations that were at the same stage of development as Kenya in 1963,” the former prime minister noted.

He noted that the country was ruled by anthropologists (Jomo Kenyatta), a teacher (Daniel arap Moi), an economist (Mwai Kibaki) and a political economist (Uhuru Kenyatta) who made the country grow in their fields of expertise.

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