Raila appoints Makau Mutua to lead his presidential Campaigns

On Tuesday, March 1, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga appointed Professor Makau Mutua, a distinguished scholar and lawyer, as his campaign spokesperson and head of the Secretariat’s academic unit.

In a statement issued by Raila, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party clarified that the unscrupulous scholar has a wealth of experience in politics and law that would benefit his campaign team.

The former prime minister further highlighted the prestigious responsibilities that Mutua held at home and abroad.

“I am pleased to appoint Professor Makau Mutua as the spokesperson for Raila Odinga’s 2022 presidential campaign and the head of his elite faction.

“Mutua does not need to be identified with Kenyans. He is the former Principal of the SUNY Buffalo Law School, New York State University, where he is a distinguished Professor of SUNY and Professor Margaret W. Wong,” Mutua said in a statement.

Despite having a voice on social media, Raila praised Mutua for his human rights advocacy in Kenya.

“Mutua is a regular member of the electronic media and newspapers on human rights, international law and politics.

“He was a member of the New York State Court Examination Committee, which is nominating candidates for judicial nomination,” Raila said.

Following the announcement, Mutua went on social media and thanked Raila for showing his confidence in him, adding that he would help the ODM boss win the August election.

“Thank you, Raila, for the faith you have given me and the opportunity to serve you and the people of Kenya in these important roles. Our march towards the White House is unstoppable. Because it is a privilege,” he said.

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