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Raila asks Ruto to drop the finance bill and offers him solutions

Leader of Azimio la Umoja Raila Odinga on Thursday (May 8) asked President William Ruto to scrap the finance bill and give him solutions that he says will reduce the cost of living.

Speaking to journalists at the Orange House, Raila stressed his leadership is ready to put the economy on the path to prosperity without charging Kenyans additional taxes.

In addition, the leader of the Resolution asked the Head of State to discard the Finance Bill and apologize to Kenyans.

The Leader of the Opposition advised Ruto to stop the duplication of duties and responsibilities of the counties saying that the Department of Health was using a large amount of government revenue while health is a devolved activity.

A photo of Raila Odinga

“Ruto should also pass a baseless budget and not take the previous budget as a base,” he explained.

Regarding how to reduce the cost of living, Raila noted that Ruto should reduce the budget that was to be read on Thursday, June 15. He said that instead of imposing new taxes, the head of state should close all loopholes that cause loss of income.

“Don’t levy new taxes, hide loopholes that cause loss of revenue,” Raila Odinga offered Ruto, his fourth solution.

Raila went on to point out that the appointment of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) was not well thought out and was an example of a country living beyond its means.

In addition, Raila called on the president to reduce the size of the government, noting that excessive workers are eating away at the economy.

Regarding the seventh solution, Raila advised the president to “reduce unnecessary domestic and foreign travel”.

“Stop ministerial leave, house and household allowances for cabinet secretaries and chief secretaries,” he added.

Raila told Ruto that another way to save money is to stop corruption and theft of public resources.

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