Raila attacks the church for injustices

The leader of Umoja Raila Odinga launched a fierce attack against the Church for what he described as the failure to take strong measures against injustice in society.

Mr Odinga, who was addressing the members of the Anglican Church of Nyamira in the Kang’o Kajaramogi area of Bondo, said the church has not spoken against injustice.

“The church must be the conscience of society. The Church must act firmly against tyranny. I am not making a general criticism against the church, but we have seen for example church leaders getting involved in the injustices of our country,” Mr Odinga said.

Mr Odinga returned to the presidential election of August 9 saying that what was witnessed in Bomas on August 15 when the Chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Wafula Chebukati announced the presidential results was a shame.

“We saw the church standing in front of the camera trying to clean up a process with many flaws. We have seen some churches being turned into platforms for political chaos and campaigning. On Sundays, political leaders supposedly go to churches to pray, after the service is over they take the platform of the church to slander and insult them some Kenyans and we have seen priests sitting back and clapping,” Mr Odinga added.

A photo file of ODM leader Raila Odinga

The former prime minister said the church should not be used as a political platform.

“We don’t go to church to play politics. The main leaders of this country went on the platforms of the churches to shout at us telling us that the government has done this and that. Government plans are implemented in government offices or political platforms and not in churches,” he said.

Mr Odinga has mentioned the Anglican Church of Kenya for political turmoil.

“We were saddened to see the leaders of the Anglican Church getting involved in political chaos, asking politicians especially Azimio who asked for the election results because of rigging, to withdraw those requests in the interest of unity and move forward. pressuring the elders of certain communities to say that those who rejected the results if they do not remove the challenge will be cursed,” said Mr Odings.

The ODM leader told his supporters that he will give instructions next month on the next step of his coalition.

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