Raila dismisses rumours of him not believing in GOD , telling about his assassination.

ODM party leader Raila Odinga has dismissed allegations that he does not believe in God while giving evidence about the events of his life that he said were due to the blessing of God.

He spoke this at a meeting with religious leaders at Union Hall .

photo credits to google images

Raila described his ordeal , his political upheaval, the assassination of his friends and the brutality he suffered while in prison.

“Who would not believe in God especially after what I went through with my family? I have witnessed the men and women we had being killed , some missing without being found and others tortured to death…. It’s by God’s grace that I survived it all…. I believe in God,” Raila said.

Raila urged religious leaders not to allow churches to be abused by politicians, saying doing si could plunge churches into a conspiracy to defraud.

” We support church growth…. we support church funding but we oppose using the church to run politics. People should also not use the church for money laundering,” said Raila.

He went ahead to urge the leaders to support the BBI process, saying it would benefit Kenyans.

Raila said the BBI report would ensure equity in revenue distribution while ignoring the stratification debate in the country, saying the nation could not move forward if the concept of rich and poor developed.

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