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Raila promises market for Miraa farmers in DRC and Somalia if elected.

The leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), Raila Odinga, has promised Miraa Meru farmers that he will ensure markets for their produce in various countries if he is elected president in 2022.

Odinga spoke in the town of Mau, Meru County on Monday, the first day of his three-day visit to appeal to voters in counties in eastern Mount Kenya.

The former prime minister said that among the countries where he hopes to get regional contracts are the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Somalia.

The ODM chief pledged to resolve border issues between Kenya and Somalia to ensure the safe passage of migrants into the east African country.


He further promised to seek foreign research on the possibility of transporting marijuana and selling it there.

“I know that myrrh cultivation has suffered a lot at the expense of the market… our Somali market is declining, once they have closed once they have opened… I will make sure that Somalia opens its end and the miraa goes there”, a-t-he.

“There is a part of Somalia that is free, called Somaliland, they have already agreed to take the miraa to us, but Somalia has prevented our plane from passing and sending the miraa there. We will solve the problem, our plane from here to Somaliland.

He added: “I am a close friend of the president of RDC Tshisekedi, I will speak to him and he will allow our miraa to enter the RDC market… as well as our neighbors below.

Odinga defended his social security fund project which he said aims to provide every vulnerable household with a monthly allowance of Ksh 6,000.

He accused political opponents of opposing the proposal, saying it was entirely possible and cost the government about Ksh 150 billion.

The former prime minister said Kenya loses around Ksh 600 million annually, adding that it would close all loopholes and direct the money to the social security fund.

“We will fight corruption… Corruption is the biggest enemy of Kenyans… the moment a person enters there he is as thin as a needle, after one year (fat),” Raila said.

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