Raila shames Uganda

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition official up-and-comer Raila Odinga has split assessment between Ugandans in the wake of naming their country among the ‘most awful’ in Africa.

Mr Odinga offered the expression during a gathering with University of Nairobi teachers, saying Kenya just needs to be contrasted and fruitful nations on the planet.

A file image of Raila
A file image of Raia

“Others have kept on contrasting Kenya and nations around us. Goodness see Somalia, take a gander at Ethiopia, South Sudan, take a gander at Uganda, etc. Kenyans would rather not be contrasted and the most terrible on the planet. We ought to be contrasted and examples of overcoming adversity and I give individuals the models,” Mr Odinga said.

On the web, his assertion started disparate perspectives among Ugandans, with some concurring with him and others complaining with the comments.

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