Raila speaks of making another handshake with DP Ruto.

The ODM party leader Raila Odinga has cleared doubts of many who have been speculating of another possible handshake between him and his top current political rival DP Ruto.

Speaking in his morning interview with the local station, Inooro Tv where he has been asked if there is any possibility of another handshake between him and te deputy president.

However, according to Ralla Odinga in his wise response, there is no possibility of having another handshake with DP especially and cannot speak of that now especially at these moments when he is still dealing with the handshake he made with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In his statement, the handshake he made with the president Uhuru Kenyatta together with one he made with Kibaki was for the entire country.

This question has been running through the minds of Kenyans on whether Raila will go for another handshake if DP Ruto becomes the president.

This is however a question whose answer is yet to be known as Raila denies making that move as he sticks to his handshake plan with President Uhuru with efforts to change the constitution which they both believe will bring peace and unity to the country fpr a very long time.

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