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Raila vows to revenge against DP Ruto if he wins 2022 elections.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has vowed to retaliate against Vice President William Ruto and his allies if he succeeds in succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022, revealing a number of shortcomings he needs to go through.

The ODM chief informed that when he takes office after 2022, it will not be easy for other leaders who have campaigned for church donations, warning Kenyans not to worry about these leaders.

On what appeared to be a direct attack on Vice President William Ruto and his allies, Mr Odinga said Kenyans should be careful not to be bought with money stolen from public accounts, adding that the time would come when they would all have to pay.

The former prime minister has warned that if he joins the government, he will be on the verge of retaliation for all RP and his allies and anyone involved in corruption.

“People will say that this man is generous and that he is God-fearing because he supports churches, women’s groups and youth groups, but you are bought with your stolen money. Where does this money come from. When we enter government, we go to jail all these people,” Raila Odinga said. he said.

This is not the first time Raila Odinga has attacked DP Ruto and his allies, the ODM leader has publicly stated that “DP Ruto deceived churches with stolen money [VIDEO]”.


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