Raila;I will agree, of I loose free and fair elections

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) must do more to ensure Kenyans have a free and fair general election on August 9, ODM leader and flag bearer Raila Odinga said in a statement.
In an exclusive interview with Britain’s Sunday Nation newspaper on Friday, Mr Odinga expressed concern over last-minute recruitment of key positions in the IEBC secretariat, which he says does not give Kenyans enough time to assess their competence in managing elections.

Odinga is also concerned about the commission’s preparations for the August 9 elections.

“You must understand that the IEBC only appointed its chief executive last week, as well as the deputy director general and key heads of various departments. So it is too early to say whether he is trustworthy or not. That is why I call it ongoing work,” Odinga said.

“If this was already the case with all the commissioners and the secretariat is in full swing, then it would be a different case. But what I am saying is that the IEBC needs to promote trust and give us hope that everything will be free and fair.

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