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Raila’s statement on Mitumba sharply criticized by Netizens

United Nations Resolution Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga has been sharply criticized for his statement on second-hand cars known as second-hand cars.

Speaking at the launch of his manifesto on Monday, June 6, Raila said the import of second-hand clothing in the country has killed other sectors of the economy, including manufacturing.

Explaining the effects, Raila suggested that second-hand clothes worn by people in Kenya may have been worn by people who have already died.

But in his entire plan to rejuvenate the second-hand industry, Raila made it clear that he would revive the manufacturing industry to enable traders to get locally made garments to replace second-hand cars.

Raila said he intended to do so by increasing government support for the cotton and textile industry in the country.

here is the link to his full report:

“Used cars have killed our whole industry, our people only wear outerwear that has been worn by dead people.

“We are moving towards pre-production so that our second-hand importers have better products for sale here. I say we are not bankrupting anyone.

“We will donate cotton here and we will make the finished product here and that will re-create a major source of employment for our youth in the country.”

The statement sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans online after his speech was edited to represent only parts where he said the second-hand clothes could be worn by deceased people.

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