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Rapper KRG proposes and the girl says NO live on Instagram.

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Celebrities from all over the world have agreed to recommend their boyfriends or girlfriends on social media. This has also been seen in Kenya, as many celebrities have tried, some successful and some unsuccessful.

Yesterday, the famous Kenyan rapper KRG who is the father of two children and a promoter of the brand has decided to give it a try. It was on his live Instagram where he was enjoying his Christmas with his fans.

Rappee KRG.

In the video he added a girl who introduced her as his longtime friend and crushed on her but traveled abroad to further her studies. After the girl joined KRG live, Don asked her if she was dating anyone. The girl responded by saying that she wasn’t seeing anyone coz she has not yet found love.

KRG quickly asked her if she would marry him because he was interested in her, but the girl refused as she said she could not date him for some reason which she did not disclose. The girl did not even wait for the live video to end when she left the live video.

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