Reggae icon Bunny Wailer dies at 73.

Neville O’Rilvey Livingston OM, known professionally as Bunny Wailer, was Jamaican singer-songwriter and percussionist.

The Kingston Jamaica Musician was one of the founding members of iconic reggae group the wailers alongside his childhood buddy late Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

As a group they achieved international fame with their hit songs like stir up and simmer down.

The original trio split back in 1974 and Bunny Wailer left alongside Peter Tosh.

He started his solo career and went on to win 3 granny awards for the best reggae albums in 1991,1995 and 1997.

Mr. Wailer’s death was confirmed by his manager Maxine Stowe. The cause of his death is still unknown but he had been hospitalized since July 2020 as a result of stroke.

May fans and fellow musicians have sent their healtfelt tributes with most describing him as a legend and reggae icon.

Rest in eternal peace Legend.

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