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Remember the Jamaican artist who implanted horns on his head saying God ordered so?

It is shocking what people do for fame and to boost their career. Some of the most known and popular stories of odd and bizarre acts include that of Alkaline , Jamaican dancehall deejay who tattooed his eyeballs for fame risking being blind for the rest of his life. However, an exceptional case was then to follow.

Back in 2015, a dancehall artist, Kenardo Robison, better known as Furtyle Brain got a horn implant on his head to boost his career. The artist said then that he got the horns after a prophetic instructions from God.

“I do believe that I got some form of prophetic by God. I didn’t do this alone,” Brain said according to Islandz Jamaica.

According to reports, the artist at the time hired a Canadian surgeon to preform the surgery in Jamaica.

Of course the surgery was never cheap and came with some pain.

However, the artist was reported to have removed the horns back in January 2017 according to .

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