Requiem Mass for Dr James Gakara and his two children.

Requiem Mass for Dr James Gakara and his two children, Dylan, five, and Hailey, three, is underway at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Nakuru.

Dr Gakara, 54, died at Nakuru Level Five Hospital on September 22.

The doctor, a licensed obstetrician and gynecologist, allegedly injected himself with a mixture of drugs on September 18 in a suicide attempt.

Before injecting himself, Dr Gakara allegedly injected his two children with the same mixture.

The police who broke into his home in Milimani Estate, Nakuru, found him a few hours later unconscious in his bed and his two children already dead in their bedroom.

It was not immediately established what prompted the humble and good doctor to act in this way.

Following the incident, his wife Winnie Gakara suffered a shock and was admitted to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) within the same hospital, according to family spokesperson Burton Njoroge.

Post-mortem tests carried out on the three bodies last week did not yield conclusive results.

Government pathologist Titus Ngulungu said they only observed that the bodies of the three had bites on them.

“The doctor’s body had bites in both arms. It was not immediately established whether it was self-harm,” Ngulungu said.

He added that reports of tissue samples taken from the three bodies for further analysis at the government chemist’s have not yet been released.

“The autopsy on the three bodies was inconclusive, and we can determine what led to their deaths after the release of the chemist’s analysis reports,” said Dr Ngulungu.

The spokesperson for the Njoroge family revealed that the three men would be buried at their home in Mbaruk on Tuesday.

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