Basic necessities price increase by 6.02%.

Food, clothing, water, electricity, manufacturers and retailers have increased commodity prices by 6.02% over the past year, according to new data from the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).
This includes the rapidly increasing retail cost of goods, and tariffs, tariffs and shipments increase prices.


The KNBS Producer Price Index (PPI) shows that in the second quarter of the year to June, the manufacturer’s price of food products such as bread, milk and juice cost 6, 44% more than last year.

PPI, which has been released annually since 2012, measures the total prices of products directly from manufacturers before entering the supply, providing a good measure of how manufacturers have adjusted their prices.

By 7.4%, textile manufacturers increased the total price of their products further, with PPI increasing from 96.99% to 104.17, food index increased 6.44% to 110.13 against 103.47, textiles increased 5.44% from 102.01 to 107.56, while plastic, essential for multi-product packaging, it increased by 6.18 percent to 104.17 against 98.1.

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