Rev Lucy Natasha; I have never dated Mike Sonko.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has been outraged for days after asking Pastor Natasha why he did not inform her that he was dating.

Many previously thought that the two were dating and that Sonko was the sponsor of Pastor Natasha’s life.

In an interview with Betty Kyallo, Pastor Natasha denied allegations that she was dating Mike Sonko.

Rev. Lucy Natasha

The woman of God said that they shared only in spiritual matters.

“We took these pictures while the governor was still a senator and the pictures are professional. But people will still want to read it as they wish.

In fact, the governor is very prayerful and my relationship with him is very spiritual. We have prayed together at different times.

I have never dated Mike Sonko, I do not know where these stories come from. He is a very respectful man, and he also has a family. These are just fabrications. “

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