REVEALED; 7 life changing offer that Babu Owino gave Dj Evolve , that made him drop the murder charges

A Nairobi court recently agreed to an agreement between Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Felix Orinda (DJ Evolve) to call for the release of a case of attempted murder against the MP.

The MP was charged with attempted murder of DJ Evolve after allegedly shooting him in the neck at a popular club in Kilimani, Nairobi.

In documents seen by The Standard, lawmakers made seven offers to the DJ.

Babu Owino and Dj Evolve

Babu Owino volunteered to pay the Orinda hospital bill of Ksh 17 million and pay for his medical bills until he recovered. Additionally, he promised to buy a car and build for the DJ.

The MP also said he would pay a two-year tax, water, electricity, internet and medicine earlier.

Orinda was also promised that a house would be built and registered in her name and that of her parents. In addition, he would build the DJ another house in the Administrative District of Nairobi.

Finally, Owino promised to form Orinda DJ College.

Following the court ruling, the young MP expressed his gratitude to God for his support during this period and further emphasized that his family had a good relationship with Orinda.

“Let me just say that God is so great, He has always been with me, He never gave up and never left me and I thank Him.

“There are many things we have agreed on about medical care and compensation for physical harm. We have agreed in a spirit of forgiveness. The DJ Evolve family is my family and mine is his. DJ Evolve is my brother forever,” he said. MP.

In a verdict handed down on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the court held that Owino would be charged with the second offense of aggravated assault while carrying a firearm.

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