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Revealed: How Azimio messed up hours to election

As the harsh attempt at finger pointing seethes inside the Azimio One Kenya alliance on the reasons its official up-and-comer was crushed, one authority who worked intimately with specialists, who were sent at surveying stations, has stood up on how the interaction was botched.

The authority guarantees the specialists had been recognized, given an initial investment and prepared, prepared for sending, just for a high ranking representative in the alliance to introduce another rundown of specialists just before final voting day. Once more and that was the means by which things started to turn out badly, adding to a series of disappointments that subverted Mr Raila Odinga’s State House bid. The authority, who looked for secrecy, addressed Kindness Simiyu

I was among the area contact officials and I worked with the Azimio Secretariat. We had 57 individuals accountable for the political decision and they were to oversee specialists the nation over. We have 47 regions, however huge districts like Nairobi and Kakamega required a few group dealing with the political decision there.

A file image of Azimio leader Raila Odinga
A file image of Azimio leader Raila Odinga

We had a decent program for the specialists, cash was accessible for them. We had structures. As a matter of fact, for the central specialists, we utilized legal counselors to be the body electorate and district boss specialists. We had 290 attorneys as supporters boss specialists and 47 legal advisors as province boss specialists, and we had the surveying specialists.

Not at all like the past races, this time we were more coordinated and we made a ton of progress during the missions – more than we did in 2017. The informing was great, and, by and large, the administration of the mission was OK.

Yet, numerous things unfolded on the grounds that it is a situation where our up-and-comer was working with the President. Furthermore, Azimio hosted many get-togethers – 26.

At first, we had an office in Lavington, then three days to decisions, we were offered one more office in Westlands – the whole third floor of the workplace block by one of the President’s nearest helpers. It was the best office, with great hardware.

“We had a decent program before it misfired. We prepared the specialists and set them up on the most proficient method to deal with the decisions. We even made the initial installment of Sh1,500, and we were to pay them Sh5,000 each.

High ranking representatives
Yet, just before the races, one of the high ranking representatives, a nearby partner of Mr Odinga, wrecked the specialists’ arrangement. It was a situation where you have prepared individuals, suppose 1,500 in a supporters, then he comes and asks ‘how could you track down these individuals?’.

Then, at that point, he gives you an alternate rundown and expresses ‘Work with these individuals’; and it is hours to the political decision, you don’t have any idea what their identity is, you don’t have the foggiest idea where they came from and afterward you are being told to send the letters to individuals who are not prepared.

We screwed up with the specialists. He (the Odinga partner) didn’t misuse the cash, since he was not taking care of the cash for the specialists, but rather he accompanied an alternate rundown and taught us to utilize that rundown, yet we had four hours to opening of the surveying stations.

How might we have begun sending those letters? How were we to prepare the novices?

Eventually, the specialists were changed at 2am and there was not sufficient opportunity to guarantee all the strategies were set up, including having their starting letters prepared and authorization as specialists.

As a result, on final voting day, we didn’t have official specialists in certain areas, including Kisii, Kajiado, Narok, a few regions in North-Eastern and Coast. How would you begin calling 1,000 individuals to begin going to those bodies electorate?

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