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REVEALED :Story behind Kenyan woman in the viral comic obituary revealed.

The decision by a Kenyan family to craft a humorous obituary has left many social media users divided in opinion.

“Mueni has now been reunited with her beloved father, Anthony, and her partner in crime, Peter, and they can get up to their typical mischief where they left off,” it reads in part.

Apparently, that strange obituary is for a daughter of former Chief Government Architect, the late Antony Ngotho, designer of Nyayo House and it’s torture Chambers!! … a relative told me (bearer of this news) she took her own life by ingesting poison!

Her elder bro, the late Peter, hanged himself in the 80s!. .the father made tons of money in private practice, Ngotho Viegas Architects, he owned Studio Hse in Hurlingham, tried and failed in politics and later expired..the kids attended Hillcrest Prep those days but at home there was no harmony.

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