Revealed: Kibaki never included his kids’ spouses in his will

The late resigned President Mwai Kibaki passed on the entirety of his abundance to his four youngsters, it has arisen.

Kibaki, in a Will composed and endorsed in December 2016, coordinated that every one of his abundance be shared similarly among his three children and girl.

In the archive documented in court, Kibaki designated the four, Judy Wanjiku, Jimmy Kibaki, Tony Githinji, and David Kagi, as the agents of the Will

The Head of State, nonetheless, locked out any of the kids’ mate
from acquiring a portion of his immense bequest remembering his properties and cash for his ledgers.

“Following my own demise then any immediate blood relatives of theirs (however no companion or soul mate) will accept their parent’s advantage, if more than one in equivalent offers,” the Will peruses.

The report, be that as it may, doesn’t unveil Kibaki’s total assets.

A file image of Kibaki
A file image of Kibaki

The abundance might be utilized to put resources into his youngsters and his grandkids’ schooling, the Will shows.

Kibaki likewise coordinated that his belongings, including individual papers, be passed on to Mwai Kibaki Establishment.

Kibaki Will Challenged

Two individuals are, notwithstanding, testing the Will.

The two incorporate a 62-year-elderly person distinguished as Jacob Ocholla and a lady ‘JNL’. The two professes to be Kibaki’s youngsters.

JNL claims she was conceived when her mom and Kibaki were understudies in London. She professes to be the departed’s firstborn kid.

On his part, Ocholla, who likewise claims to be Kibaki’s firstborn kid, charges that the departed was engaged with a heartfelt connection with his mom Jane Hilda Ocholla, an issue that prompted his introduction to the world in July 1960.

As per the man, he discovered that he is connected with Kibaki at 21 years old, after the passing on of his embraced father on January 28, 1981.

In a sworn testimony documented before Equity Florence Muchemi, the solicitor guarantees his mom let him know that the man he accepted was his father for quite some time was not his organic dad.

“It was the most stunning thing I had heard. The news left me upset and with such countless unanswered inquiries. From the start I had grown up realizing that I was a Luo, just to understand that I was not,” Ocholla states in court papers.

He professes to have met Kibaki, without precedent for Walk 1981, at Hilton Lodging while in the organization of his mom.

“In any event, when the opportunity arrived for me to meet with him, in any event, when he strolled into the Amboseli Barbecue Hall at Hilton lodging, I didn’t realize he was my dad, since he was somebody I had known when I was growing up. He came and sat close to me. At the point when orders were put, my mom made it known that Kibaki was my organic dad,” Ocholla says adding that the previous head of state was a nearby partner of his embraced father from their days at Makerere Univerisity, where the two of them educated.

“He tended to me by name. Recall that he was a nearby partner of my late embraced father, both having been understudies at Makerere. To be sure, it is in Uganda that he met my mom when she was visiting my embraced father, Ocholla. At one time, the two were even neighbors at Bahati home in Nairobi.”

Ocholla professes to have met Kibaki severally after the gathering until 2002 when he became president. Obviously, he was obstructed from seeing the president multiple times.

During their gatherings, the one who looks like Kibaki charges, the country’s third president guaranteed him of a portion of his property.

“I met with my dad multiple times in Nyari office NO.7 and I had discussions with him. He guaranteed me that I planned to get my portion of what I’m qualified for as his child; my legacy. In that year, 2016, my dad guaranteed that by November 30, 2016, he would have given me a letter specifying every one of my qualifications. I confided in my dad since I have consistently confided in him so I was sure that he would respect his statement,” the court papers recorded through Ocholla’s legal counselors, Omoke Morara and Peacela Atim read to a limited extent.

Since Kibaki’s end in April this year, the request says, the family has baffled his endeavors to get a portion of his riches.

Ocholla believes the family should remember him as the firstborn child of the previous head of state and make him qualified to acquire the property

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