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REVEALED: Late Kibaki last words to his family.

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As the sun set, President Mwai Kibaki knew that the bell would soon ring and make peace with himself, his family and everyone around him.
His eldest son, Jimmy Kibaki, remembers how the death of their mother Lucy Kibaki 2016 made a huge difference to the family.

The former president fell ill shortly after his wife funeral, which made him realize that he would soon be reunited with his wife. So, for six years, Mzee Kibaki always had his boxes ready for departure.

“Remember he had to be flown to South Africa for specialist treatment after our mother passed away. That experience and tragedy changed everything. It would not have been the same,” recalls Jimmy in an interview on Thursday.

Speaking to the family before being taken to Nairobi ICU Hospital on Wednesday last week, where he passed away on Friday, Kibaki had one wish for his children; “Stay together, take care of my grandchildren.”

If his last wishes were honored, he reminded the family, they would have made him and the former First Lady proud and happy in later life.

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