Rigathi Gachagua: Kenyans we’re finally free

Appointee President Rigathi Gachagua didn’t mince his words during his debut discourse as the second in order in the wake of making the vow of office on Tuesday, September 13.

Gachagua blamed the active President Uhuru Kenyatta for giving over power when the economy was falling.

Uhuru’s organization, he said, had left a country with a swelled economy which President William Ruto’s organization would battle to resuscitate.

“The reality of the situation is that we have acquired a bedraggled economy which nearly confronting shut down. we have an immense undertaking to free this nation and take it back to where Kibaki left it,” he expressed.

“We have conversed with the depository, and the cash safes are unfilled. We should begin without any preparation,” he expressed.

Gachagua further blamed Uhuru’s organization for driving scares against pioneers who were subsidiary with Kenya Kwanza.

A file image of Rigathi Gachagua
A file image of Rigathi Gachagua

He, in any case, guaranteed Kenyans that Ruto’s administration will maintain law and order without any trace of terrorizing and dangers.

“I need to tell individuals of Kenya that today is an extraordinary day. Kenya is presently a vote based country. It turned into a wrongdoing to be a companion of William Ruto. You are at last free,” Gachagua expressed.

The agent president swore to execute his order as the second in order in assisting President Ruto with satisfying his political decision promises to individuals of Kenya.

“I need to guarantee you of my responsibility with the utmost sincerity to be accessible to help you to deal with the undertakings of our extraordinary country,” he expressed.

He, nonetheless, asked Kenyans not to worship his presentation nor think about Ruto’s initial term execution under Uhuru’s administration.

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