“I am the real lion,” Ringtone takes over Diamond Simba title.

Kenyan Gospel artist Ringtone who’s real name is Alex Apoko today Saturday 17th April has taken to his social media platforms throwing his fans into laughter and lots of reaction. He stated that he is the real ‘Simba’ and not the Tanzania Bongo Star Diamond.

[Ringtone and Diamond] PHOTO COURTESY; Google Images

“Watu wa yule Simba wa dunia mjue mimi ndiye mtoto wa Simba wa Yuda, so I’m the real lion,” Ringtone posted.

From his statement he referred to Diamond as the lion of the earth but with him he associated his Lion with that in the bible of Lion of Yuda, hence claiming to be the realest lion ever.

This has spark a lot of reactions from his followers some claiming that he can’t get to the level of Diamond and others stating that he is just bragging.

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