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Robbing the dead? Nairobi cemetery land owner plans to build apartments.

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The issue of public land has been a major source of frustration for many Kenyans who have continued to witness unpopular decisions being made regarding several pieces of land that they had assumed for public use.

Over the years, people have been evicted from their homes and jobs for reportedly settling on grabbed land. Many have often blamed the Kenyan government for its failure to protect its citizens against such kind of oppression.

Kenyans across the internet have today been angered after a new report emerged on a public notice that was issued on Nairobi plot. According to the notice, the plot was initially being used as cemetery but the owner wants to change its purpose into Multi dwelling units Famously known as apartments.


The plot is registered as number 209/6505/2 , off Mbagathi road. The report did not settle with many Kenyans who wanted to know the identity of the owner.

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