Powell’s profile; Actor who is mistaken to be Jesus.

Since starring Jesus in the 1977 film Jesus of Nazareth, portraits of Robert Powell have been hung in churches, homes, cars, schools, offices, and many sacred caves around the world. luck.

However, Powell shouted on social media that he was not Jesus and that people should stop worshiping him. Instead, they should honor the real Jesus and worship God. It was among the hottest stories on social media in January 2016.

Rober Powell as Jesus of Nazareth
Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth. [Photo/courtesy]

In his words: “I have been speaking and repeating myself in the world since 1977. I am not Jesus Christ, I am a British actor and comedian. I am sick of seeing my pictures posted in places of worship and other places of worship. and worship the one true God! I am only an actor… Jesus is Lord!

Here is Powell’s profile :

“Robert Powell is an English actor and film actor best known for his role in Jesus of Nazareth (1977) and as the secret agent of the false Richard Hannay. He is also known for his role as Mark Williams in the BBC One Holby City drama, and David Briggs in the sitcom The Detective along with Jasper Carrott. Born in June 1 , 1944.

His distinctive voice is widely known in commercials and texts, especially in WWII texts such as World War II in HD Color, Hitler’s Guardian, The Story of the Third Reign and the Secrets of the Second World War.

Powell is the son of Kathleen (née Davis) and John Wilson Powell , was born in Salford, Lancashire. Powell studied at Manchester Grammar School (where one of his classmates was actor Ben Kingsley), then at a directly-funded boys’ high school in Manchester, northwestern England, and later went to the Royal College of State Technology. high in Salford.

Powell began acting during his undergraduate studies. He aspired to become a lawyer and in 1963-1964 took an external LL.B course from the University of London at the College of Business at Manchester, but at the same time took on acting roles under the leadership of Trevor Nunn. While in Business College, he switched roles with Bernard Brandon in a one-week college comedy review to see what role gave him the “best laugh.” This first comedy experience was later fulfilled by Jasper Carrott. He later found work in a theater in Stoke-on-Trent. His first role in the film was in Robbery when he played the driver of a driver who is shot in the film Stanley Baker On The Big Train Theft. He played a small role in the original version of the film The Italian Job (1969) starring in one of the gang members, but had to wait a few years for his first hit, starring scientist Toby Wren in the science column. – BBC drama, Doomwatch in 1970. After being assassinated in the last episode of the original series, by order, Powell has become a household name, continuing to lead roles in several BBC columns, with the change of television novels Sentimental Education (1970 by Juda l’Obscur (1971.) He also appeared in the 1975 series Search for Clancy, based on the novels of Clancy and Frederic Mullally.

For several years, Powell continued to be a regular television personality, starring frequently in cinemas, as the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler in the biopic of Ken Russell Mahler (1974) and Captain Walker in the film version of Tommy (1975). Her role in Tommy was unparalleled and aside from a few early scenes during the opening with Ann-Margret, she is very visible through the mind of her son played by Barry Winch (Young Tommy) and Roger Daltrey. In one of these cases, Captain Walker is shown in the picture of the crucifixion.

He then played Jesus Christ in Jesus of Nazareth (1977) following a second successful review by Franco Zeffirelli. The two-part TV series featured star actors, including Laurence Olivier, Ernest Borgnine and Stacey Keach, Christopher Plummer, Rod Steiger and James Mason. For this role, Powell was nominated for a BAFTA award and received the TVTimes Actor Award for similar performance.

In 1975, Powell married his fiancée, Pan’s People Babs Lord, shortly before he started making Jesus of Nazareth in Morocco. On November 23, 1977, they had their son, Barney, and followed in 1979 with a daughter, Kate.


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