Rotimi ex warns Vannesa , asks her to be careful.

In the video, she tells Vanessa not to be too comfortable because she was in this situation with him before. In the Tik Tok video, Kim posted a picture of Rotimi with Vanessa and; a picture of her with him during their happy times.


Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee made headlines this week after announcing they were pregnant.They may be in the seventh heaven, but that does not mean that everyone is celebrating this news. Take the former Rotimi Kim Oprah, for example, who warned Vanessa in a recent video.

"Don't be too happy darling, I was with him too her once and for all," she said. Many fans were not happy with her response and phoned her to ask her to continue, while others said they were in a free world, saying again what she had said.

She’s not the first couple to crawl out. Just a day after their pregnancy was announced, former Vanessa Juma Jux also posted a song she sang to the couple about their pregnancy. Though it may have sounded good, and as an act of bad faith, with Jux reminding Rotimi that he (Juma) was still in the picture until Vanessa left.

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