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Ruai Family Hospital license revoked.

incase you missed this .

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The Council of Physicians and Dentists has revoked the operating license of Ruai Family Hospital for allegedly violating the COVID-19 vaccine regulations.
According to the council, the hospital, which had been designated as a vaccine center for COVID-19, directed the vaccine to other unauthorized buildings.
“The Board has received reliable information available from Ruai Family Hospital, which has been designated as a COVID-19 immunization center;
It violates the laws and regulations governing the deployment of COVID-19; and has diverted the intended vaccine to be used at the facility under conditions unknown to other unauthorized premises, and practiced immunization in uncontrolled environments, in which the quality and effectiveness of the vaccine cannot be verified and thus endanger public safety, “the council said in a statement Tuesday.
“The board notes that the continued establishment operation is questioning the security of patients being treated there.”
The hospital has therefore been ordered to close the facility immediately and, in consultation with patients / parents, plans to transfer all patients to other voluntary facilities within the next 24 hours.
Management was further invited to appear before the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee of the Board on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 along with all staff who were involved in the management of COVID-19 vaccines allocated to hospitals during the past month.
For its part, the hospital admits that one of its nurses, who recently resigned, was photographed immersing people in the political environment in Murang’a.
The worker said he had the position of health care supervisor at RFH specialist hospital and directly supervised the vaccination exercise against Covid-19 and was the main vaccine.
The hospital maintains that the nurse was not approved by the hospital or its management.
“Management has since called the staff for their information. He confirms that he was not under any direct authority to participate in the exercise, but did so of his own free will, ”the hospital said in a statement.

“The calculation of our immunization allowance from Dandora Depot confirms that 160 doses of what was intended for the hospital for public vaccination were used in the exercise … Everything our employees do when their free time off work is still governed by the laws of the land. this, we see as a serious mistake because it was a misuse and misuse of what added to the hospital property.

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