Rubis denies claims that the CEO was deported

Rubis has denied the government’s announcement of the dismissal of its director general from Kenya, Jean-Christian Bergeron.

In a statement issued Thursday, February 14, Rubis denied government reports that Bergeron had been fired for alleged economic sabotage, saying he had been at the company’s headquarters in France for regular meetings.

Rubis said the CEO was in Paris to report on the company’s operations amid oil shortages in Kenya.

“We would like to clarify that the Group’s CEO, in consultation with Rubies Energie Head Office, traveled to Paris to provide full information on the situation in Kenya,” the company statement read.

The company attributed the severe oil shortages to rising demand that led to massive sales growth and a decrease in existing stocks, dismissing conservation claims.

“The decline in oil supply was driven by a number of factors, but one of the most under-reported was the increase in domestic demand over the past 3 months (February to April), as evidenced by our daily retail sales,” said Ruby. .

“The increase in sales in March is a clear indication that there has been a similar increase in demand for goods and no goods have been turned back.”

Rubis further indicated that it had increased its domestic supply to 88% in March alone. In January, it had a 86 percent stake in the domestic market.

Earlier, Energy Cabinet Secretary Amb Monica Juma said the government would reduce the share of oil traders who sold below their monthly volume at a time when the country was in crisis.

CS Juma went on to point out that his ministry, along with that of Interior and Petroleum, will ensure that the oil situation in the country stabilizes within the next 72 hours.

Meanwhile, oil prices in the country rose sharply after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) announced an increase of Kshs 9.90 per liter of first petrol to Kshs 144.62.

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