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Russia to sell Zelensky’s holiday home to fund war efforts.

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Russian officials recently announced the confiscation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Black Sea home to raise money for the war effort.

Sergey Aksyonov is the Russian-backed leader of Crimea and announced on May 21 that the region’s parliament voted to nationalize several properties owned by Ukraine.

“Crimea will regain rights to a number of properties,” the Crimean ruler explained in a video message about the new nationalization, according to a Telegraph report.

Sergey Askyonov

Askyyonov added that the building in Simferopol belonging to the banned Crimean Tatar parliament will now be seized along with the apartment of Volodymyr and Olena Zelensky.

The Telegraph also noted that the Crimean parliament voted to confiscate a total of fifty-seven properties owned by “political bigwigs and bigwigs” from Ukraine.

“Russia’s enemies will not find money in Russian Crimea,” Aksyonov explained in his video recording. But what do we know about Zelenksky’s vacation home in Crimea?

Zelensky’s property

Unfortunately, details about Zelensky’s property are scarce, but we do know that it was purchased in 2013 in the coastal town of Livadia, according to the Telegraph.

It has also been reported that the president of Ukraine never lived in his holiday home due to renovations and then the 2014 annexation that saw Russia take over the property.

In 2019, Reuters reported that Olena Zelensky acquired the vacation property of businessman Oleksandr Buryak for less than half the market price at the time of purchase.

Olena paid $163,893 for the three-bedroom penthouse in April 2013, Reuters reported, citing an income and wealth statement.

The Telegraph noted that the property was now worth around $800,000, which would generate a good amount of propaganda money to help fund Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

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