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Ruth Matete says she is ready to fall in love again.

• Ruth says she is ready to try it more than twice.

Gospel singer Ruth Matete has not given up on love.


A year after the death of her beloved husband John Apewajoye, Ruth revealed that she could give herself a second chance.

In a question and answer session on her Instagram, Ruth said she was ready to try marriage even more than twice.

“I believe in the God of second, third, fourth, etc. So that’s it. I would love to,” he said.

When Ruth Matete’s husband died, she was very pregnant.

Her eldest daughter will be one year old next month.

The baby’s mother raises her baby alone, but with the close support of her father, Abel Amunga.

Ruth Matete’s husband died of complications including sepsis and multiple organ failure after a 60% burn.

A fire inside their home was caused by a gas leak.

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