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Ruth Matete speaks on why she closed the church after her husband’s death.

Gospel singer Ruth Matete and her late husband John Apewajoye were appointed pastors a few years ago.

The couple later opened a church in Nairobi but after her death Ruth did not continue to lead the church.

In a recent post on her Instagram, the child’s mother said she was not called to serve in the church.

Ruth said her husband was genuinely interested in her goal and when they met every time she wanted to start a church.


“We discussed all aspects of the ministry before we got married and I knew what I was getting myself into. He had the grace to be a pastor of the church. I wasn’t.”

Ruth added that she did not have the grace to lead the church, but her husband encouraged her to support her ministry.

“This is why when my husband went to be with the Lord, I did not continue with the church we had started. I know my place in God. I know the place where I am honored and called.

I think it is important for us to know the grace that is upon us. That way, we will not force things on behalf of the department. I was supportive of my late husband and ministry and it was working well.

I remember when we had a real conversation. I said to her, “Baby, I’m not called a church pastor. I’m called to the market. How are we going to work with this ministry that God has given us?”

I remember telling him I would not preach because I did not think I could preach. I thought he would get angry. But he told me that all he needed was help. I asked him to be specific and the kind of support he expected from me. “

Matete then showed her some of the rare things her late husband told her to do.

Among them, she wanted him to be beautiful and to dress with dignity as a pastor’s wife.

“Pray and fast with me when God commands me to do it as a family, cook good food for me when I return from church, encourage me by shouting” Amen “! and you, mother, count the offerings and tithes, and pray for me in your secret place. “

Matete said no one should feel pressured to do what he knows he has no grace to serve God.

“The youth asked me to continue with the church we started after my late husband died. But I was sure it wasn’t something I was called to do. So I didn’t go on. I didn’t go on with the church.”

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