Ruth Odinga, Sister to Raila, advice women to deny their partner conjugal right if they don’t have the voter’s card.

Ruth Odinga, sister of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Raila Odinga advised Nyanza women to deprive their spouses of their marital rights if they do not register to vote.

Ruth said the wife is the one who knows whether her husband is registered or not, adding that women know many secrets about their husbands.

Women are the best activists

Speaking to women at her home in Kisumu on Sunday, January 24, the former county governor said she had decided to involve more women in her campaigns before the August election because their abilities were unmatched in terms of lobbying.

Ruth Odinga image

She claimed with a feeling that wives also know their husbands who beat their breasts in public claiming to have a voter card, but the truth is not.

Politicians recalled that women were the ones who knew where the votes were and how to hurt voters.

“I am sending you women because you know these things, you know where the votes are and how to get them.

You women know even your husbands who pretend to have registered to vote, but they did not. That is why I am telling you today not to give it to him if he does not have a voter card, ”he said.

Her younger sister Raila, who is running for the Kisumu governorship, says it is time for women to wake up and run for political office.

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