Ruto : Corruption is the reason for fuel prices rising.

Vice President William Ruto has condemned corrupt government officials following a recent oil spill.

Ruto claimed that some private companies were allocated 12 shillings per liter, resulting in the cost of penalty fuel.

“The decision between them to ‘give’ 12 shillings / liter to private companies that incur fuel costs while retailers are reaping huge profits must be reversed as soon as possible,” Ruto said via Twitter on Tuesday.

“… and that all public officials involved with the beneficiaries be prosecuted.” Price control must be removed competitively to reduce prices.

High oil prices have affected the cost of living in the country, where inflation has been rising since April, rising by 6.91 months in 18 months in August.


Manufacturers and carriers have warned of rising costs of goods and services as they seek to pass on high operating costs, caused by rising fuel prices, for consumers.

As a result of the increase, first petrol, diesel and kerosene rose to 134.72 shillings, 115.60 shillings and 110.82 shillings per liter controlled in Nairobi.

All eyes are on the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority as it prepares to review this month’s prices, which are expected to be released on Thursday.

Agricultural products are also expected to be more expensive as diesel is an important input into production, especially in large-scale agriculture where machinery is used.

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